Rabbits for sale

Looking for rabbits? We’ve got them. Contact us to learn more.

Doelings and bucklings for sale

We raise Saanen- and Nubian-cross milk goats. Kidding season generally runs from March through June each year. Crosses can be registered as “Experimental Grade” through the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

Our goat kids are super friendly because they receive lots of one-on-one attention from the start. They stay with their dams for the first two weeks, then join others in the nursery at night. At this point, we begin milking the dams in the morning. The kids spend the rest of the day with the herd out on pasture and have access to their mothers. We wean our kids around 8 weeks of age, depending on their weight gain. The kids are disbudded and receive a CD&T vaccination.

Available 25 April: The 2017 crop of goat kids have arrived. If you are interested,  contact us for more information.

Kiwi baby boy2

Goat kids sleep in crates in the nursery

Kids settling in for the night.

2014 Goat Kids goatlings2_4sept2014 goatlings3_4sept2014 goatlings4_4sept2014


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