Backyard grocery store

Eight years into this farm experiment and I’m still tickled by the idea that I can step outside my back door and walk the aisles of my own personal “grocery store.” I’m lousy at planning for dinner in advance and often find myself wandering the garden just as the sun is setting, looking for whatever’s “on special.” Tonight, broccoli and turnips won me over with their beautiful colors.

BroccoliThe broccoli gets a few minutes in the steamer, just long enough to tenderize, yet keep the deep green. Add a smidgen of butter and a sprinkle of kosher salt and it’s ready in no time.


The lovely purple top turnips are peeled, cut into chunks, thrown into a pot with just enough water to cover, and simmered until tender. I drain off the water, add a pat of butter and kosher salt, then use a potato masher. Add a little half and half or cream for richness. The finished product resembles mashed potatoes without the carbs. I think turnips are one of those vegetables you either grow up hating or, like me, don’t discover until you’re well into adulthood. I have to confess it was the beautiful artwork on the seed packet that first drew me in. I didn’t think I’d actually like to eat them, but what do you know? They’re not only pretty to look at, but the taste is pretty interesting.


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