Stuffed_freezer_fullPork arrived from the processor this morning—neatly wrapped packages with the farm’s name printed along with a USDA inspection sticker. A new 20.5 cubic foot freezer had looked like overkill until I stuffed it full of ham steaks, ribs, loin chops, roasts and sausage. This was my first year raising pigs. It looks like it was well worth the effort.

Cooked_sausageI immediately pan fried a package of the mild sausage and some of the mild Italian. Delizioso. This is what raising good food is all about. Happy, healthy pigs that foraged on green pastures, felt the warm sun on their backs, socialized with other pigs, and were never confined in crates. These pigs were fed with food from the farm: sweet potatoes, goat milk, duck eggs, whey from cheese making and produce from the garden, along with the food gifts brought by friends: leftover restaurant baked potatoes and “compost” vegetable scraps from Weaver Street Market.


2 thoughts on “Porkpalooza

  1. Are you selling any of your pork? We live close — at Lake Orange. I’d also love to bring my 3 year old son to see your goats sometime– he comments on them every time we pass your farm!

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