About us

A small family farm

We produce naturally-grown heirloom vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, and raise heritage breed ducks, chickens and turkeys for eggs and meat. Our dairy goats provide milk and cheese. Pastured pigs live happy lives and then provide meat. We also keep bees to pollinate our crops, for honey, and to help increase their dwindling numbers.

You can find our products at our farmstand.

Naturally grown food

Our goal is to provide healthy food free of pesticides and antibiotics, and to practice sustainable farming techniques, which we define as:

“The art of raising food that is healthy, respects the environment, is humane for animals, provides a fair wage for the farmer, leaves resources for future generations, and supports the local community.”

To this end, we don’t use any synthetic inputs. Instead we utilize compost and cover cropping, and rotate our livestock and poultry to build soil fertility. We fight weeds and insect pests without spraying chemicals, which would impact the health of bees, our customers and ourselves.

We do not participate in the USDA Organic Certification program, which we believe has been diluted by industrial level agribusiness corporations. Instead we hold ourselves to what we believe is a higher standard. You can learn more about our farming philosophy here

Barred Rock hen in nest

Barred Rock hen in nest

Argosy Farm • 300 Lake Orange Road • Hillsborough, NC • 919-732-4907
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